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Paws to Rest
Paws to Rest
Paws to Rest
Paws to Rest

In-Home Pet Euthanasia Service

We are here to help your beloved pet pass peacefully in the comfort of your home. We feel they deserve to be treated with respect and compassion until the end. We offer in home euthanasia and aftercare services for your animal family member.

Areas We Serve

In Southeastern Massachusetts.

  • Braintree
  • Bridgewater
  • Canton
  • Carver
  • Cohasset
  • Duxbury
  • East Bridgewater
  • Easton
  • Halifax
  • Hanover
  • Hanson
  • Hingham
  • Hull
  • Kingston
  • Marshfield
  • Middleboro
  • Milton
  • Norwell
  • Pembroke
  • Plymouth
  • Plympton
  • Scituate
  • South Easton
  • West Bridgewater
  • Weymouth
  • Whitman

Services Offered

  • Euthanasia with a home visit.
  • Euthanasia with communal cremation (no ashes returned).
  • Euthanasia with private cremation (ashes returned).
  • Now offering Aquamation services with Pawsitive Memories in Sandwich MA. Please call us for details or visit

Eight complimentary urns to choose from and customized urns.


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Karen K.

"Dr. Calabria is very much a caring and professional veterinarian, and one who puts my dogs best interests as a top priority. In my Nikki’s last days, she was there for her, my dog Maddie, and my family. When Nikki could not get in the car to go to her office, Dr. Calabria came to my home. Her dedication to her work and love of animals is amazing. It is comforting to know that my pets are in such good, caring and capable hands!” 

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Winston Churchill’s Family

"We love cats. Over almost 30 years we had many. But one stood out as a person. His name was Sir Winston Churchill. We loved him dearly. Unfortunately, as he aged he became sick. This happens when COVID-19 affected our normal way of life. Churchill was dying. We did not want just to bring him to the veterinarian hospital and leave. With this pandemic we could not be inside.
Thanks to Dr. Courtney Calabria service called Paws to Rest we were able to be with our beloved cat in the last moments of his life. We greatly appreciate Dr. Calabria for the service she provided.”

Paws to Rest

Susan P.

"Dr. Calabria was able to come to my home the same day I contacted her. It was a Friday afternoon. Our cat, Steve, had really deteriorated quickly. He was 18 years old, so we knew he was nearing the end of his life, but he continued to remain somewhat active and was eating and drinking up until Thursday. For his whole life, Steve HATED being in the carrier. In his younger days, he would need to be sedated and put into a “burrito” prior to vet appointments. This was really stressful for him and I didn’t want his last moments on this earth to involve any upset. Dr. Calabria was AMAZING. We were able to bring Steve out in the yard and let him enjoy the sunshine for a little while before bringing him to his favorite spot – the porch. He was surrounded by people he loved and trusted. He never flinched and his passing from this life and the body he had outlived to his next adventure was peaceful and beautiful. I cannot thank Dr. Calabria or recommend her enough!! She was truly and angel. She told my heartbroken 11 year old daughter that Steve was so lucky to have been loved by so many people and to have lived such a long life. From the bottom of our sore hearts, thank you so much!"


Dana and Pam


Dr. Courtney Calabria possesses that rare combination of being a skilled veterinarian with an amazing "bedside manner"'s hard to get both. My husband Dana and I have the highest opinion of her as a veterinarian and a person of character and integrity. She is a quality individual, a genuine and lovely person all around, in addition to being wise and discerning in her practice. She is an extremely professional veterinarian and compassionate with our pets. Her love for animals and dedication to the profession is so apparent; we recommend Dr. Calabria without hesitation.

"What would you do?" I can't count how many times I have asked this of Dr. Calabria in the decade we have known her. She is our go-to person and we trust her implicitly. We know her to be always keenly perceptive. Not only has she always been there for our pets but has never failed to advise us with wisdom and wholesome sensitivity, and when we have been confused and emotional about our ailing pets, we have always been confident that we are making the right decision in the next steps in their care after consulting with her.

When our pets become frail from sickness and age, it's a fragile balance to know when, or how long to hold on to them and when to finally let them go to be with God. She is a soft place to land. There is no better vet to call on for such a time as letting your pet go. To have her be available to us and gently facilitate the process in the final moments or our precious pets’ lives is so very comforting and we are so very grateful.

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Angela S.


Dr. Calabria,

I just wanted to say thank you.  Thanks for being so accommodating and coming out yesterday and being so gentle with Teddy.  You really helped us with making sure he was comfortable and explaining all the details of the procedure.  I find some comfort knowing he's no longer in pain and that his last day was a happy one.  My heart still hurts horribly and I'm sure it will take time to heal.  I know you will take care of our Teddy. 


John and Lauren


Thank you so much! Your compassion was very much needed at this time! Rosie was our baby girl and it killed us to let her go, even though we know it was the right thing to do! We couldn't stand her suffering! She went peacefully in the place she loved most! Even the chipmunk said goodbye! We are heartbroken beyond belief but you handling it the way you did gave us the peace we needed! We feel blessed that you were here for us and Rosie! She doesn't walk up to strangers, so the fact that she embraced you gave us the comfort we needed to let her pass peacefully! God bless you! We talked about how lucky we were to have you! Thank you from the bottom of our broken hearts! 😿 Keep doing what you do because it makes all the difference in the world! 🙏🏻😻



Dr. Calabria,
I just wanted to thank you for being there for all
of us and for lovingly helping Boo to pass with
such dignity. It must be so hard for you to come
in to these situations and deal with so much
emotionality, but I am so grateful that you do.
Every single one of us is so appreciative of how
you handled the entire situation with such care.
It was so difficult to let her go, but knowing she
left in your hands gave us much needed
comfort. I can't wait to bring her home.
You are an amazing human being. Thank you for
everything you did for us. It couldn't have been
anymore perfect, and although so very sad, it
was an honor to have been there with her in
those final moments in her own home. God
bless you for what you do..
Forever grateful,


Paula and Kris


Dr. Calabria, We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your kindness and compassion on Saturday when we had to say goodbye to Max.  We were so thankful that you were able to come out with just a few hours notice so our baby would no longer have to suffer.  It was very comforting to be able to do it at home in the place where he was most comfortable.  We will be sure to recommend you to any fur parent that may need your service.  Thank you again.  Best wishes.  Paula & Kris


Peter and Denise


At such a difficult time and with a very sad decision, we thank you for making the processes a little more comforting with your 
professionalism. You are kind, supportive and compassionate. Our 14yr old four-legged family member got the dignity he deserved, being in the comfort of his home with people that love him eating his favorite "peanut butter", it was peaceful. Sargent we miss you , run free our sweet boy and we will see you again.🌈
We highly recommend Dr. Calabria. We knew she was perfect when Sargent welcomed her into our home.
With heavy hearts, thank you.
Peter and Denise

tonka clifford

Tonka's family


Doctor Calabria, that Sunday, November 27, was heartbreaking for us.  You made it the best it could be for Tonka and us; your compassion and patience were so kind. We are very grateful and cannot effectively express our thanks to you on that traumatic day. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Tonka’s family 


Meghan and family


Hi Dr. Calabria

I just wanted to reach out on behalf of my family and myself and thank you so much for making what was easily one of the hardest days of my life, so peaceful and calm. Your empathy radiated so much so that even Gracie knew how special you were. Thank you so much for making our last few minutes with her as easy of a transition as it can be. You were the perfect person to have there with us. Thank you so much.

Meghan and family with Gracie